Hacktoberfest 2020 — A new horizon

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Hunting for issues

Finding a suitable task to do for Hacktoberfest tosses you a mixed bag of emotions. There are larger tasks, smaller tasks, things you are capable of and things that you don’t have the resources for.

Working on the Issue

At first, I was quite skeptical of how to get started with it. I wasn’t too familiar with the build system that the project was using and I was rather inexperienced with ReactJS that the project used. Naturally, things got challenging really fast when the build wouldn’t start and threw errors left, right and center.

3 merged PRs for the predator project

Contributing to Crio.Do

When Hacktoberfest started, I had heard from colleagues that there was an organization called Crio.Do that was going to hold an event during Hacktoberfest.

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Crio.Do Post — Warm-up challenges (Image Source: Crio.Do Post)
Crio.Do Post — Importance of Open-source In Your Career Journey (Image Source: Crio.Do Post)
Developer of the Day! Awesome! (Image Source: Crio.Do Post)
4 PRs completed!

Closing thoughts and the future

Open-source software is what has enabled me to be the developer that I am today. Everything that I use, from my daily-driver operating system to the tools I used to build applications, are open-source in some way.



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Vishwas R

Vishwas R

4th year Computer Science and Engineering student. Avid Open-Source Contributor.